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Answers to Frequently Asked Property Owner  Questions

Q. How quickly will you be able to get my property rented?
A. We spend time ensuring your property is ready for the rental market and attractive to potential tenants. The amount of time it’s on the market depends on competition, time of year, and the condition and price of your home. We will ensure it rents as quickly as possible to protect your rental income.  

Q. How will you screen my tenant?
A. We verify references and employment as well as run a background, criminal, and credit check.

Q. How soon will my new tenants be moving in?
A. Tenants must begin their lease within one week of their application approval.

Q. How do you handle repairs?
A. Repairs are handled through our maintenance division and we work with a great network of local vendors.

Q. My property needs some work before a new tenant can move in. Can you help?
A. Our team is well equipped and ready to handle property turns, quickly!

Q. When do I get my rental proceeds?
A. You can expect to receive your funds and monthly statement by approximately the 10th of the month as long as your tenant pays timely.

Q. What if my tenant doesn’t pay?
A. Our strict tenant screening process greatly reduces the likelihood that your tenants won’t pay rent on time. However, bad things happen to even the best people, so if a tenant can no longer pay rent, we will begin the eviction process and place a tenant who can pay rent.

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